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Did you know going to your doctor doesn’t have to hurt your wallet? Did you know you can develop a strong relationship with your doctor and use it to get better, more specialized treatment? And did you know you can have access to virtually all of your necessary medical services for a fraction of the regular price?

Well, you can!

With a direct primary care membership, you can experience personal, reliable, and affordable medicine with none of the hassle that comes with insurance.

How is this possible? Let’s take a look. There are a few things you’ll need to understand.

Why Should You Join A Direct Primary Care Membership?

Before you know what a direct primary care membership is, you must understand what primary care is in the first place.

What is Primary Care?

Primary care is a type of medical care that involves providing the initial point of contact in preventative healthcare services. It is often contrasted with acute care, which involves treating patients who have already been affected by some illness or condition.

In a nutshell, primary care gives patients the opportunity to regularly check up on their health even when they don’t need immediate medical treatment for something specific.

More Time with Your Doctor

Today, it isn’t uncommon for doctors to see a ton of patients in one day. But that can mean that not all patients will get the care and attention they deserve. With a direct primary care membership, your office visits are longer and you have more time to discuss all of your needs with your doctor. This allows you to develop a more intimate relationship, which in turn benefits you as you get more specialized care from a physician who understands you.

More Proactive Healthcare

As mentioned above, acute healthcare is reactive and focuses on treatment after illness has occurred. Contrastingly, primary healthcare focuses on treatment before illness. Essentially, your doctor works with you to help prevent any ailments from happening instead of treating you after you’ve already gotten sick.

More Access to Your Doctor

As a member of a primary care clinic like Elevated Health, you get complete access to your doctor through regular office visits, phone calls, emails, and virtual office visits. This 24/7 all-access pass means you can reach your doctor from your home, office, car, and virtually anywhere else! After meeting with your doctor, he or she can refer you to a specialist with specialized knowledge in any area of concern and can also help you navigate the healthcare system if needed.

Clear Understanding of Healthcare Costs

Because we prefer to operate without the unnecessary involvement of insurance companies, you get simpler, clearer prices for our services. Your membership fee allows you 24/7 access with no co-pays and no limits on your visits, and our pricing methods are simple, so you know what to expect on your bill each month.

It is important to note that membership at a direct primary care clinic does not remove the need for insurance. Insurance can be a lifesaver (quite literally) in catastrophic events such as surgeries and other procedures not part of your direct primary care membership plan.


Cheaper Labs

Lab tests can be expensive—sometimes even more expensive than the doctor’s visits themselves, but since labs help provide a clearer picture when diagnosing and treating patients, they can be a necessary part of the visit. With direct primary care, you get access to labs at a discounted price and can enjoy proper medical treatment without the financial stress.


Pleasant Atmosphere

Hospitals can have quite a dreary atmosphere. And when you’re ill, being in that kind of environment is the last thing you need. In addition to having a welcoming space, having friendly, smiling staff and attentive doctors can also help you feel better and make your visit a very pleasant one.

Learn More About LiveWell DPC

We offer direct primary care membership as an alternative to current expensive healthcare options. Our patients develop strong relationships with their doctors and save money on preventative medical services. We’re committed to keeping you happy and healthy at the most affordable price. We even offer a program for small businesses!