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HealthSharing Plans and High Deductible Health Plan- All you need to know!

Given the rising cost of healthcare today, individuals are beginning to shop for affordable health care plans they can pay for while enjoying quality services in return. And you’ll agree with me that the cost of insurance keeps rising as the days go by; little wonder why people are looking for alternative healthcare plans they can afford. One of such healthcare options people are beginning to take advantage of is the healthsharing plan, also known as Medical Cost Sharing. Under this type of plan, like-minded individuals agree to come together and assist each other to pay their medical expenses. Medical cost sharing started as faith-based programs but have since seen a rise of faith-neutral options like Sedera and Zion health.
Interestingly, the healthsharing plan isn’t the only option available to people who are shopping for a cost-effective healthcare plan. The high deductible health plan is another option that has been gaining a lot of attention among people looking for an affordable health care plan. High deductible health plan is a type of health insurance with a high minimum deductible for medical cost which the insurance holder is expected to pay before insurance coverage kicks in. According to experts, this health plan has a higher annual deductible than your typical health plan. The exciting thing about this plan is that it lowers overall health care cost by ensuring that individuals are very conscious about their medical expenses. More so, the higher deductible also lowers insurance premium, making healthcare more affordable.

HealthSharing and High Deductible Health Plan

While both of these healthcare plans are excellent ways to lower the cost of healthcare, both are different in significant ways as they do not play by the same rules.
First, a high deductible health plan is a kind of health insurance, while healthsharing plan isn’t. For people who opt for health sharing options, there are no network requirements so you can go to whichever doctor you like, this is quite different from high deductible health plan where you can only be treated by a specific doctor. With healthsharing, you only have to pay a certain monthly share amount while a high deductible health plan requires that the insurance holder pay high minimum deductibles.

HealthSharing and Direct Primary Care

Considering other health care plans, health sharing gels very well with direct primary care as it allows you to easily pay for expensive treatments not covered by direct primary health care. Nevertheless, it doesn’t provide you with the help you need when dealing with catastrophic health problems where you may need to be hospitalized or needing surgery. But guess what, with a health care plan like health sharing, you’ll be able to pay for serious health issues. So for people shopping for a healthcare plan that is affordable and goes very well with direct primary care, you’ll not regret giving health sharing option a try. Amazingly, there are lots of organization offering these plans today, reach out to them, and you’ll be happy you did.

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